Lulu Dialogue

Fragments from the libretto by Frank Wedekind


Painter: Gnädige Frau…. Frau Medizinalrat…

Lulu: Who could have thought it!

Painter: You think I’m ridiculous?

Lulu: My husband will catch us.

Painter: All I can do is paint.

Lulu: Listen, he’s at the door! 

Painter: What?

Lulu: Can’t you hear?

Painter: There’s someone coming!

Lulu: Oh God.

Painter: It’s just the caretaker. He’s in the hallway. 

Lulu: Thank the Lord.


Painter: Would you mind just lifting your skirt a little?

Lulu: Like this?

Painter: If I may…

Lulu: Behave yourself!

Painter: Let me gently…

Lulu: No thank you!

Painter: Don’t be so tense.

Lulu: Please keep your hands to yourself.


Painter: Don’t think you can escape me.

Lulu: Get away!

Painter: Now you’re mine!

Lulu: Good night.

Painter: You wild thing!

Lulu: I search the heavens and fetch down stars for pearls!

Painter: I reach as far as Venus, and open the glistening gates!

Lulu: You will never catch me!

Painter: … and there let me perish!

Lulu: I’m too quick to be caught!

Painter: Most merciful god, this is the end of me!

Lulu: I feel dizzy.

Painter: Nothing to lose –

Lulu: God, o God!

Painter: No compassion!


Painter: What’s happening?

Lulu: My husband is coming.

Painter: I love you so.

Lulu: You reek of tobacco.

Painter: Can’t you speak with more warmth?

Lulu: I wouldn’t ever dare to.

Painter: You’re pretending.

Lulu: You said pretending? I’ve never had to.

Painter: I just don’t understand.

Lulu: Please you are pathetic.

Painter: You have never loved.

Lulu: That I would never tell you.