Current Events

William Kentridge: William Kentridge: That Which We Do Not Remember

William Kentridge: That Which We Do Not Remember
January 22  – November 30, 2022

M.K. Čiurlionis Museum of Art, Kaunas, Lithuania

William Kentridge: The Dream of Ulysses

The Dream of Ulysses
April 30 – October 16, 2022

Villa Carmignac, Porquerolles Island, France

William Kentridge: SprigionArti

May 27 – December 31, 2022

Palazzo D’Avalos, Procida


William Kentridge: William Kentridge: See for Yourself

William Kentridge: See for Yourself
July 8 – December 16, 2022

The Warehouse, Milwaukee

Forthcoming Events

William Kentridge: William Kentridge at the Royal Academy

William Kentridge at the Royal Academy
September 24 – December 11, 2022

Royal Academy, London

William Kentridge: William Kentridge: In Praise of Shadows

William Kentridge: In Praise of Shadows
November 12, 2022 – April 9, 2023

The Broad, Los Angeles

A sporadic record of what happens in the studio, in video, words and images

OPENING TOMORROW William Kentridge Royal Academy of Arts, London 24 September - 11 December 2022 “Action”, 2019 Plaster, wood, polystyrene 350 x 190 x 280 cm Installation using black tape in the vestibule of the Royal Academy of Arts, designed by @sabine.theunissen and installed with the assistance of Squatelier and the Royal Academy of Arts team. Video: @sabine.theunissen Music: @guld_n
“Spartan / Isando”, 1988 Charcoal and pastel on paper 120 x 160 cm Part of the forthcoming exhibition, “William Kentridge” at the Royal Academy of Arts, London 24 September - 11 December, 2022
“The idea was to film what happened in the studio, showing the improbabilities, the paradoxes, the uncertainties, the doubts, and even the stupidity of life in the studio, all of which are necessary for the artwork to emerge at the end of the process.” WK “SELF-PORTRAIT AS A COFFEE POT” premieres today at the Toronto International Film Festival in the TIFF Docs category. 12 - 16 September, 2022

Idiosyncratic lines of enquiry into particular aspects of studio practice or bodies of work

Listening to the Trees Cabinet

Listening to the Trees

An anecdotal account of the making of the book “Waiting for the Sibyl” and a consideration of Kentridge’s ongoing series of tree drawings, by book designer Oliver Barstow

9 WORDS and one more

Making art is a uniquely human endeavour and an artist, the maker of art, is someone who distills what they feel and think about the world and expresses this visually. This requires one to read, to see, to listen, to feel, to question and be curious; to know, and yet to doubt; to have humility and to be brave.

William Kentridge All So Different

All so different from what you expected

Things which are obvious in studio practice, like uncertainty, doubt, provisionality, are not about the COVID pandemic. They are themes I have worked on for many years – but these themes in the outside world have become much more present in these months.

William Kentridge Cursive


Cursive is the third set in a series of small bronze glyphs, following “Lexicon” (2017) and “Paragraph II” (2018). The glyphs started as a collection of ink drawings and paper cut-outs, each on a single page from a dictionary.

William Kentridge Cabinet Edifice


This collection of drawings, made for the films “Sobriety, Obesity and Growing Old”, “Stereoscope”, “Tide Table”, “Other Faces”, “City Deep” and “What will come, has already come”, focuses on Kentridge’s use of architecture in order to establish place within the narrative of his films.